"Mr. Green" is an American animated cartoon created by David Heath and Andrew Justice . For more info about "Mr. Green", go to the Mr. Green Wiki


The show has been split up into two different versions due to the events of Mr. Green: A Different Path

(2008-2014 Version)

In this show, Peter Green and his wife Lulu live in a little house on a hill. With the help of their friend Blobby Blobbicus, they try to survive everyday from the attack of the galactic empire.


Infamous circus ring master Peter Green tries to make his show a hit. With his friends Lulu and Blobby by his side, they will make it big. Of course unless the galactic empire destroys them first.


Andrew Murray as Mr. Peter Green

David Heath as Blobby Blobbicus

Marisa Cooper as Lulu Green

Katie Miller as Millie

Jacob Reisman as Groblenose/Glodelnose

Hayden & Conner as Pierre & Erreip

Collin Ford as Greeny

Nick Frye as Fishy McFish

Jeffrey Richards as Dr. Alienus


  • The original creator, Andrew Justice, is no longer working on Mr. Green. He has given all the rights to co creator, David Heath.
  • The original story didn't have a circus involved. It was just about aliens trying to take over the world and destroy Mr. Green.
  • Although Andrew Justice created the protagonist, Mr. Green, David Heath created the original story of the show and a majority of the characters. Andrew created the new story of the show before leaving soon after.
  • The newer version of the show starts off with the original version, a time travel story, then the reboot.